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You can change your lifelines...

...And its all in your


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Notebook and Pen

My Story

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To enhance awareness that many solutions to life’s problems lie within us
To help embellish the scars of flaw in our lives with the beauty of wisdom gained from them
To help unleash the latent potential that resides in us
To bring meaning to, and live life to the fullest

To walk your path with you for a while as you bear yourself aloft

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Abhijit Saha

Founder and Principal Consultant

Ace Hospitality & Consulting

Mr. Lemuel Herbert is one of the finest gentlemen and professional I have come across in my life... 

Amrita photo.jpg

Amrita Menon

...He has inspired and mentored friends, colleagues and students....


Paridhi Kumar

Student, Class X, Delhi Public School

New Delhi

...His guidance choices really helped me pave the way forward in making informed career choices...


Varun Sharma
Vice President
Span Motels Pvt. Ltd.

He is a brilliant mentor and the best motivator you can ever imagine. 

Bhuvan photo.jpg

Bhuvan G.M

Apeejay Institute of Hospitality

Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels

...He is an exceptional trainer and thousands have benefitted from his training and counselling sessions. ...

Vikram photo endorsement.png

Vikram Menon


madras endorsement.png

...A complete professional who’s accomplished many things and found immense success as an educator and a leader in business...

Prashant Issar photo.jpeg

Prashant Issar

Founder and Principal Consultant

Ace Hospitality & Consulting

...I have come across people who have worked with him or been his students and am yet to hear anything short of high praise..


Soumak Rakshit

Coorg wilderness Resort

.. He has inspired me a lot and will continue to do so in the forthcoming days.. 

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